Fox Gets Chickens

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We had some very bad news this morning when we found all of our egg laying chickens had been killed by a fox in the last 24 hours.

Chickens before fox
Our egg suppliers before the visit from Mr. Fox

It must have occurred before 10:00pm last night or after 6:00am this morning because their chicken coop has an automatic closing door.

A very sad loss as they all had their own personalities and, of course, were our egg suppliers for the breakfast table.

In years gone by other local residents have had problems with foxes but not in recent years. The fox probably has cubs to feed at this time of year but our chickens were not easily accessible – or so we thought! This is the first time that we have had a loss due to a fox and once the COVID-19 lock-down eases we will make every attempt to make the chicken coop even more secure and purchase some more lovely chickens.