Snow! Snow! And Much More Snow!

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Too Much Snow?Is it ever possible to have too much snow?

It started snowing on Wednesday February 28th and didn’t finish until Saturday 3rd March.
We had red warnings for snow and wind followed by amber and yellow.

Click on the image to see some pictures.

As we work from home it was great to sit back and watch the white stuff falling.
It fell like icing sugar on the first 2 days with the winds blowing it into every nook and cranny.

Of course, we couldn’t relax all the time as we had to walk about a mile every day to get to the allotment to make sure the chickens were OK.  Even in blizzard conditions we had to go because their water supplies kept freezing. Food was not a problem and they laid their eggs as normal even though they were locked inside for days.

Today, 4th March, the sun has burnt off the fog and temperatures are above freezing for the first time in a week.  The lowest recorded temperature (according to our back yard thermometer) was -7.5 degrees Celsius.

No daffodils showing in the garden for Saint David’s Day either. Hopefully, they won’t be squashed with the weight of snow.