Impact of Latest Welsh Govt Review for August 7th

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On the face of it, the review for relaxing COVID Regulations from 6:00am on August 7th is positive but not a lot will change in the short term.
All businesses will have to risk assess their own premises and put in “reasonable measures” to keep staff and customers safe.

Coronavirus update August 7th

The information below is taken from News Bulletin: Wales moves to alert level zero;
Review of the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restriction) (No.5) (Wales) Regulations 2020

Below is a summary of what this means for Tourism & Hospitality at alert level zero on August 7th:  
– All businesses and premises will be able to reopen, including nightclubs.
– No legal limits on the number of people who can meet, including in private homes, public places or at events.
– No legal requirement for 2m social distancing, table service or controlled entry and instead these are now some of the reasonable measures that a business should consider.
– Collecting details for Test, Trace, Protect in all businesses will also no longer be required by law and is instead a reasonable measure that should be considered as part of the risk assessment.

A summary of other reasonable measures that businesses should consider as part of the risk assessment:
– Maximise ventilation;
– Where possible, take measures to ensure customers and staff can safely distance themselves from others and avoid crowding e.g. advanced booking, one way systems, limiting the number in confined areas (lifts, toilets, kitchens, break rooms etc.);
– Minimise touch points e.g. use apps;
– Maintain thorough cleaning and hygiene practices e.g. provide hand sanitisers;
– Clear signage throughout your premises.

Face coverings must be worn in all public indoor places, with the exception of pubs, restaurants and cafes and education settings.
If the primary purpose of your business is to serve food & drink (e.g. a restaurant, café or pub), the wearing of a face covering isn’t mandated at that premises, but should be considered in ‘pinch point’ areas, when queuing, in lifts and corridors etc. as part of a risk assessment.
If your business is multi-purpose, with food & drink one of the many reasons for a visit (e.g. a hotel with a restaurant, an indoor attraction with a café, an events or conference centre with a restaurant, a cinema or theatre with a bar), face coverings must still be worn by staff and customers in all areas of the business apart from the specific areas where food & drink are consumed.

From Oakfield B&B’s point of view, we will continue as before:

  • Masks will need to be worn in communal areas, apart from the dining room for consumption of food and drink.
  • Guests will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided when entering/leaving the premises.
  • Cleaning regimes will remain the same, including removal of excess furniture and fittings.
  • Oakfield B&B will regularly review and adjust the “reasonable measures” to suit the needs of the staff and customers.