Coronavirus – What’s Happening? Not a lot!

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We are surprised at the number of people phoning us up and asking to stay “tonight”.

Looking at the information out there it is very unlikely that we will be allowed to re-open until after Easter at the very earliest.

Here is the latest Visit Wales Coronavirus update: Tourism Industry

“Welsh Government will now work with the sector on the possibility of reopening
self-contained accommodation in Wales as part of the next Review.
The final decision will depend on the public health position at that time and therefore we
cannot give any guarantees that self-contained accommodation will be allowed to open and what travel and household rules will apply.
We therefore need to remind accommodation providers that any bookings that fall beyond
the current 21 day review period (which ends on 12 March) are at that business and the
customer’s own risk.  No bookings can be taken for the period up to 12 March.

With regard to booking enquiries from England, England’s COVID-19 Response update  
(published by UK Government on 22 February) states that; From 29 March, people will no
longer be legally required to Stay at Home. Many of the lockdown restrictions, however, will
remain in place. Unless an exemption already applies, it will not be possible to meet people
from other households indoors and many business premises will remain shut. Guidance will
set out that people should continue to work from home where they can. People should
continue to minimise travel wherever possible, and should not be staying away from home
overnight at this stage. From 12 April (earliest), overnight stays away from home
in this country [England] will be permitted and self-contained accommodation
– those that do not require shared use of bathing, entry/exit, catering or sleeping facilities – can also reopen, though must only be used by members of the same household.
Alongside the position in Wales, it is important to consider the restrictions that apply in their respective countries, when fielding booking enquiries from prospective guests.”

In summary

Unfortunately, until the Welsh Government gives B&Bs and hotels a re-opening date we will not be taking guests in.

In Wales it is likely that self-catering, caravans and campsites will re-open sooner than B&B/Hotels as they are “self-contained”. In England they are talking about re-opening B&B/Hotels after 17th May, possibly into June.

At the moment all tourist attractions and restaurants are also closed

When we re-opened last year for that very short period we could only open one room at a time and, initially, could not take guests from outside Wales (unless work related or keyworker). The same may happen this time around – we just do not know.

We would like to welcome people back into our home but at the moment there is no timeframe to enable us to take bookings and plan for the future.