Coronavirus Pandemic Impact

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26th February 2021

Looking at the information out there it is very unlikely that we will be allowed to re-open until after Easter at the very earliest.

Here is the latest Visit Wales Coronavirus update: Tourism Industry :

“Welsh Government will now work with the sector on the possibility of reopening
self-contained accommodation in Wales as part of the next Review.
The final decision will depend on the public health position at that time and therefore we
cannot give any guarantees that self-contained accommodation will be allowed to open and what travel and household rules will apply.
We therefore need to remind accommodation providers that any bookings that fall beyond
the current 21 day review period (which ends on 12 March) are at that business and the
customer’s own risk.  No bookings can be taken for the period up to 12 March.

With regard to booking enquiries from England, England’s COVID-19 Response update  
(published by UK Government on 22 February) states that; From 29 March, people will no
longer be legally required to Stay at Home. Many of the lockdown restrictions, however, will
remain in place. Unless an exemption already applies, it will not be possible to meet people
from other households indoors and many business premises will remain shut. Guidance will
set out that people should continue to work from home where they can. People should
continue to minimise travel wherever possible, and should not be staying away from home
overnight at this stage. From 12 April (earliest), overnight stays away from home
in this country [England] will be permitted and self-contained accommodation
– those that do not require shared use of bathing, entry/exit, catering or sleeping facilities – can also reopen, though must only be used by members of the same household.
Alongside the position in Wales, it is important to consider the restrictions that apply in their respective countries, when fielding booking enquiries from prospective guests.”

Unfortunately, until the Welsh Government gives B&Bs and hotels a re-opening date we will not be taking guests in.
In Wales it is likely that self-catering, caravans and campsites will re-open sooner than B&B/Hotels as they are “self-contained”. In England they are talking about re-opening B&B/Hotels after 17th May, possibly into June.
At the moment all tourist attractions and restaurants are also closed.
When we re-opened last year for that very short period we could only open one room at a time and, initially, could not take guests from outside Wales (unless work related or keyworker). The same may happen this time around – we just do not know.
We would like to welcome people back into our home but at the moment there is no timeframe to enable us to take bookings and plan for the future.

12th December 2020

Following on from the closure of all indoors attractions and heritage sites, this is the latest statement from the Welsh Assembly Goverment First Minister, Mark Drakeford:

“The situation in Wales is very serious; rates of coronavirus are very high and the NHS is under sustained pressure.

The advice from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales and from Public Health Wales is that we need to take urgent action now which will help us enter the festive period with as low an infection rate as possible. This is why we have decided to ask all secondary schools to move to online teaching for the last week of term.

As of Monday 14 December, we will also bring forward changes to the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 4) (Wales) Regulations 2020. This will require all outdoor attractions, including funfairs, to close. It will also make clear that trampoline parks and indoor skating parks must be closed.

The regulations will be formally reviewed next week.”

As you can see this is not good news for Wales before Christmas (or any other time of year really). Currently rumours are rife that Wales will be in lockdown as soon as the 5 day Christmas lockdown break is over.

4th December 2020

Please be aware of the latest Welsh Assembly Government guidelines whereby all pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants now have to close at 6pm every night and are not allowed to serve alcohol at all throughout the day – not so much as a mulled wine unless it is alcohol free!

All indoor attractions and heritage sites have also been asked to close so the Big Pit National Mining Museum will be closed until further notice. The World Heritage Centre cafe will remain open but the shop and Library have reduced hours.

24th November 2020

This will not be a normal Christmas for anyone wherever you are in the world but today the 4 governing bodies of the UK have outlined their joint plan for the 4 nations. Following is a summary of the new rules. With these restrictions in mind we have decided to close over the Christmas period.

  • Travel restrictions across the four administrations and between tiers will be lifted to provide a window for households to come together between the 23 and 27 of December.
  • Up to three households can form an exclusive ‘bubble’ to meet at home during this period. When a bubble is formed it is fixed, and must not be changed or extended further at any point.
  • Each Christmas bubble can meet at home, at a place of worship or an outdoor public place, but existing, more restrictive rules on hospitality and meeting in other venues will be maintained throughout this period.

2nd November 2020

Following the announcement today of the 2nd lockdown in England we will not be allowed to take visitors from outside Wales unless it is for work purposes or they are identified as key workers.

24th August 2020

 While we wish to welcome guests into our home, we have decided that we will only open one room at a time, or accept one “family” booking, to ensure that the COVID-19 risk to guests and staff is kept to a minimum. 

This will help us maintain enhanced cleaning standards and adhere to the Governments current social distancing rules more easily. 

In addition to enhanced cleaning, etc. here are a few of the extra house rules:

  • Do not enter the B&B if you have any COVID-19 symptoms

  • Pre-booking is preferred.  “Drop-in” visitors may be turned away.  Whenever possible contactless payment is preferred via our booking system. 

  • All food and take-aways must be eaten in the dining room and not in bedrooms.

  • The guests’ lounge will remain closed

  • At times when sufficient social distancing cannot be maintained staff will wear masks so please do not be offended.  Masks will be worn when preparing and serving food.

  • Teas/coffees, etc will be topped up and bins emptied daily, but depending on length of stay, rooms will not be fully serviced.

  • Vacated rooms will remain closed for minimum of 24 hours to allow deep cleaning.

  • All books, cushions, throws, toys and extraneous ornaments have been removed from all bedrooms to help with enhanced cleaning.

Fingers-crossed we will fully re-open in 2021.

20th July 2020

Please check out this Government website link for the most up to date information with respect to self isolating should you become ill during your stay with us. In summary:
1. inform the accommodation provider and, if possible, immediately self-isolate where you are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test.
2. Positive test result return home directly.
3. If the guest is unable to return home, the accommodation provider and guest should discuss meal and laundry provision, e.g. symptomatic guests should clean their own rooms and strip their own beds. The guest will be expected to pay the costs of any extended stay and potential costs of cancellations caused by extended room occupancy.
4. There will be times when self-isolation would not be possible at Oakfield B&B, for example if the risk to the host, other guests, owner or staff cannot be mitigated. In these cases, guests should make arrangements to travel home as safely as possible, whilst minimising risk to others.

13th July 2020

We are now open!

However, we have taken the decision to only open one room at a time for the foreseeable future.
This is a trial period for guests and ourselves to help us to put in place “best practices” with the continually changing Government Regulations.
When we feel more confident, and are well practiced with all the regulations and cleaning regimes, we will gradually open more rooms.
Copies of our current Risk Assessments and Cleaning Checklist can be found using these links:
Facilities Risk Assessment
Cleaning Risk Assessment

To help us manage the complexities of new guidelines we have taken our on-line booking system off-line until the end of September. Please telephone us to check availability 01495 792829.

8th June 2020

Here is the latest guidance from Visit Wales and as you can see it is not good for B&Bs, Hotels, etc.

Closed sign

Honouring bookings and advertising availability
To help further clarify, no bookings can lawfully be honoured in respect of ‘stays’ during any restricted period, which is currently up to 18 June 2020 unless you are requested to re-open by the Local Authority or Welsh ministers for specific purposes only.
As a reminder, businesses should also not be advertising availability during a restricted period. If you advertise via third party websites or the Online Travel Agencies, please take some time to review your entries on these sites and amend your availability accordingly.
You are able to accept bookings or reschedule bookings that fall outside this restricted period, however, there is a risk the restrictions will remain in place once the rescheduled date comes round and therefore any bookings will be at your and your customer’s risk so you will need to make this clear when entering into any contractual arrangements.

24 March 2020

Coronavirus Update : Oakfield B&B closed temporarily until further notice
By now everyone in the world should be aware of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
As of today, following Government guidelines we have closed Oakfield B&B up to the 30th June 2020.
Obviously, we are just as likely as the next person to catch this virus so we are taking these precautions very seriously.

We have taken the decision to temporarily close all of our rooms at Oakfield B&B with immediate effect until further notice and we are not taking any bookings during the next 12 week period until the peak of the pandemic has passed. Due to the current uncertainty of the timescales of this peak we are only taking bookings from the 30th June 2020 and advise customers that we will continue to monitor Government guidelines and such bookings may also require future cancellation and will therefore not attract any cancellation charges.
For any existing guests currently booked with us prior to 30th June we are in the process of contacting you to cancel your booking or invite you to reschedule your visit for later in the year.
We wish to thank all of our customers for their support through such difficult times and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.
Until that time, please stay safe and please protect and support our wider community. We wish any families affected by the Coronavirus a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming you all to Oakfield B&B in the not too distant future.

Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover your stay with us.