Extracting Honey

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The top photo shows a frame of ‘capped’ honey. When the bees have worked the honey to the correct consistency they put a wax capping over the top of each cell in the frame so that it is stored ready … Continued

Topiary Acorn

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For the past few years we have been trying to create an acorn shaped box bush to represent Oakfield B&B . It is surprising how therapeutic it can feel as you chop away at the excess foliage.

Wartime Weekend

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This annual event was upon us again at the railway. It is always popular and the re-enactors bring it all to life. This year the weather was excellent so the ice cream sold out quickly too! On the Saturday evening … Continued

Jams at the ready

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All these redcurrants and gooseberries were picked at our allotment. Too many to make into pies so they are now in pots as jam – ready for the breakfast table to go on guest’s toast. Nothing nicer than homemade on … Continued

Flowers in Bloom

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What a beautiful sight right outside our front door. This plant always gives us a very good show of flowers. We didn’t buy it because we inherited it when we bought the house 25 years ago.

Easter Chick – Eggbert

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  It was Easter and at the same time a 60th birthday so ‘Eggbert’ was made for the 60 year old ‘Spring Chicken’. Eggbert came out cuter than expected